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Classes Start at $26.10 Per Month 

Open House Tuesday 8/28/2018 6-8Pm 

About Us

A Mission of Movement


Johnna's BU Dance Company is about Quality Dance/Tumbling instruction in a family friendly environment. We offer recreational dance as well as several competitive levels of dance instruction. OUR VIEWING WINDOW IS ALWAYS OPEN. We are proud of our instructors and students! Please help build there confidence and watch anytime you are available!

Teachers with Experience


Miss Johnna has been teaching dance and Tumbling for 18 years. She has won many choreography,performance and technique awards. She continuously attends conventions and other instructor programs to keep the most up to date Dance/Tumbling instruction . Each instructor has specific qualifications for the style of dance/tumbling they teach. 

Why Choose BUDC?


BUDC is a dance studio that keeps small class sizes and excellent student teacher ratios so your student receives the attention and instruction they deserve to progress year after year. BUDC has Instruction for every level. Recreational beginners to serious competitive dancers. We build our students up with positive critiques. Our instructors are experienced and professional. It is never our goal to be the biggest it is our goal to strive to be our very best! 

Fall 2019 Schedule

Classes Start at $26.10 per Month ! Now registering Call 515-283-2623(515-28Dance)

All tuition is monthly. All additional classes 20% off. One time yearly registration fee $30.00 per student. Please call office for sibling discounts. 



5:30-6:00— Pom 1 (ages 3—5) $42.40

6:00-6:45—Mini Mix (Tap/Ballet/Jazz)  (Ages 4-5) $53.00

6:45 –7:15—Tumble 1 (Ages 4-7) $42.40

7:15—7:45– Jr Company

7:45-8:45– Jr./Sr. Company Technique 

8:45-9:15– Sr. Company 


5:30-6:00– Pom 2 (K-5th Grade) $26.10

6:00-6:30– Monster Jamz (K-5th Grade)$42.40

6:30-7:15—Junior Mix (K-5th Grade) $53.00 

7:15—7:45 Pom 3 (6-12th Grade) $42.40 

7:45-8:45– Sr. Mix (6-12th Grade)$63.60 

8:45-9:15– Sr. Hip Hop (6-12th Grade)$47.70


6:00-6:30– Parent and me (18 Months –2 Years) $42.40 

6:30-7:00- Pee Wee’s Tap/Ballet (3 Years ) $42.40

7:00-7:30 -BU Ninjas (Breakdance) (4-7 Years) $42.40

7:30-8:15 -BU Breakers (8 and up) $42.40 


6:00-6:30-Tumble 2/ 3 (Ages7– Up) $53.00 

6:30-7:00-—Ballet (2nd Grade –up)$53.00 

7:00-7:30-– Pointe (Teacher placement) $53.00 

7:30-9:00- Competition Technique 


9:00-9:30– Tiny Tots (Tap/Ballet) ( Ages 3)$42.40

9:30-10:15– Petites (Tap/Jazz/Ballet) (Ages 4-5) $53.00

10:15-11:00am -Divas ( Tap/Jazz/Ballet) (K-5th Grade) $53.00 



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BU Dance Company

8040 Douglas Avenue, Urbandale, IA, USA

(515) 283-2623

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